Multi-Zone Video

One button, Multiple vibes.

Ordinary is entertainment, grandeur is a multi-room experience of the same. Conventionally, individual set-top box still has your favourite shows on pause and record. Technologically, autosys knows that the multitudinous of this audio and video combination should no longer be confined in one room. You can now have an access to the video source from wherever you want and on any television. But the fun has just started, with this video distribution systems, you can have multiple screens all playing from the same central source while also having multiple screens, all with an access to different central sources with the ability to switch between them. Additionally, you can also distribute your Pay-TV throughout your home without the need to prescribe to any further set top boxes.

Your ‘minute to win it’ will now easily commute between the lounge, kitchens and bedroom. All that’s required is you hollering a command and intelligence is at your service.