Privacy Controls

Privacy under your fingertips, right when you need.

When comfort gives you an option to select between intrusions and coziness, we would always suggest you to move ahead with the latter, always.

The exhilaration of being at your own is preferred by all, whether or not you are an extrovert, introvert or more so an ambivert. And yes, for autosys, privacy is second nature to any of these personas. We guarantee you an access to control what you want to let in and what you want to shut off from. Our single button press open and close facility for your drapes and blinds, help you maintain an endearing seclusion from the world on the day and time that you set. Not only this, but our custom designs can accommodate multiple rollers or tracks allowing you to have more than one solution.

Scaling up our reputation as the craftsmen of home automation solutions, our motorized treatments assure an ambience, at your convenience.